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Dreams Into Reality


At Enchanted we promise you a wonderful, fun, stress-free wedding/event because of the following:

Dealing with one person:
You will only need to discuss all you needs and wants for your wedding/event to one person, you will not have to run around trying to choose the best suppliers, we take carefully calculated decisions for choosing the best suppliers to suit your needs.

Free time:
You will enjoy the journey to your wedding/event and be able to relax and pamper yourself and concentrate on you, because we’ll be taking care of all the details and coming up with new and creative ideas for your picturesque wedding/event.

No family or friends drama:
We know that the family and friends can have a big influence and input on your decisions for the wedding/event. We will deal with the family and friends, and help you make an informed decision that will please all parties involved.

A happy wallet:
Many brides underestimate how expensive weddings can be, and hiring a wedding planner may seem like additional cost, it is not, because we are here to make your wedding affordable by having carefully calculated budgets, coming up with creative ideas that can help you save, and by knowing the right suppliers that suit your financial needs.

On the day co-ordination:
You will not have to deal with suppliers not being on time, and things going wrong, because we will be present at your wedding/event so you can enjoy every moment because we’ll make sure everything will run smoothly, so you can have your perfect wedding/event.